Cannabis Banking 101: Insights, Challenges and the Value of Data


Wednesday, April 15, 2020 12 PM ET | 60 Minutes

Every month we host an interactive, “office hours” style webinar during which we answer all questions related to cannabis banking.

For this month's episode, Mike Kennedy, Green Check co-founder, will be sitting down with CRB Monitor founder and CEO, Steven Kemmerling. Steven is an established thought-leader in the cannabis banking space, and he will be sharing his perspective on the challenges and opportunities that cannabis banking presents to financial institutions.

During the first half of the session they'll discuss industry insights, common challenges, and the extraordinary value data can bring to your cannabis banking program. The second half of the session will be live Q&A with Mike and Steven, so we invite you to join the discussion!

Presented By

Mike Kennedy

Co-Founder, Head of Product and Strategy

Green Check Verified

Mike leads Product and Strategy and is a co-founder of Green Check Verified. Mike has extensive experience working with banks and credit unions to leverage technology to better manage their compliance and risk functions. Mike deeply understands the cost and complexities involved with maintaining compliance from work with hundreds of banks and credit unions.

Steven Kemmerling

Founder and CEO

CRB Monitor

With over 36,000 direct marijuana-related businesses, 98,000 marijuana licenses and 62,000 beneficial owners, CRB Monitor is the most comprehensive database on the marijuana industry. Financial Institutions use CRB Monitor to understand, identify and manage marijuana-related risks and opportunities. Mr. Kemmerling is an established thought-leader in the "marijuana banking" space, writing and speaking frequently on the topic, including at numerous local and national ACAMS and bank-compliance events. In addition to developing the largest database of MRBs, he is well-known for creating the "Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3" framework, which is used in many institutions' marijuana policies. Prior to founding CRB Monitor, Mr. Kemmerling attended was a mergers & acquisitions investment banker (including FIG at KBW) and a securities litigation consultant. Mr. Kemmerling graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Southern Methodist University with degrees in Economics, Public Policy and English.

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