The Standard for Cannabis Banking Oversight

Account Onboarding

Standardize your enhanced due diligence process and automate the maintenance and upkeep of account documentation.

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Compliance Rules Engine

Prevent non-compliant funds from entering your institution while maintaining visibility into corrective actions.

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FinCEN Reporting

Automate and standardize reporting to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with your FinCEN reporting efforts.

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Account Onboarding

Standardized process to collect, review, and manage account documentation.

Initial and ongoing due diligence

Cannabis businesses use Green Check’s online portal to submit their initial and ongoing documentation. Automated document renewal workflows help keep each account record up-to-date.

Configure custom requirements

Flexible controls to customize your own requirements along with easy-to-use tools for requesting, receiving, and reviewing business documentation.

Track activity and updates

Updates are tracked across the platform, giving you visibility into which users make changes and when. Notifications and a rich audit trail help provide a single source of truth come audit or exam time.

Compliance Rules Engine

Sales and inventory data is automatically verified against applicable cannabis regulations.

Automated monitoring of sales transactions

Direct integration with a business’ point-of-sale and seed-to-sale systems to verify all sales and inventory data for compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Rule-based alerts

Restrict deposits to only include verified funds while tracking exceptions and corrective actions on an account-by-account basis.

Built and maintained by Green Check

Our team of former cannabis regulators and subject matter experts create and maintain the rules engine so you’re always up-to-date with applicable regulations.

FinCEN Reporting

Dedicated tools to make FinCEN, summary and detailed activity reporting easy.

Manage report deadlines

Track and manage initial and continuing SARs and CTRs using a dedicated dashboard. Approve and submit reports from directly within Green Check.

Auto populated report forms and step-by-step workflow

Nearly all critical fields are automatically populated based on information the Green Check system knows about your institution, your customer, and the applicable transaction(s).

A step-by-step workflow guides you through the process of reviewing and confirming the accuracy of each report before submitting to for approval.

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