October 14, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: Lessons From an Early Pioneer

Alan Hanson from Gleam Law will share the lessons he learned as he helped architect one of the countries oldest and strongest cannabis banking programs.

Guests from: Gleam Law
September 23, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: Legal and Practical Considerations

Andrew Bigart and Michael Bresnick from Venable LLC weigh in on the legal and practical considerations of the decision to bank the cannabis industry.

Guests From: Venable LLP
August 20, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: A Lawyer's Perspective

John Geiringer, former bank regulator, will discuss the risks and opportunities institutions must navigate when developing a cannabis banking program.

Guest From: Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP
July 14, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: Managing Cash in Cannabis

Deirdra O'Gorman from Empyreal Logistics will help us demystify the often vexing topic of how to manage the cash associated with the cannabis industry.

Guest From: Empyreal Logistics
June 10, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: An Auditor’s Perspective

A discussion with Valerie McCune from RLR about what it means to design, launch, and manage a strong cannabis banking program.

Guest From: RLR Management Consulting
May 21, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: Findings From a Cannabis Banking Audit

A discussion with Crowe LLP about identifying the risk and developing controls, best practices for a sustainable program and current examiner expectations.

Guest From: Crowe LLP
May 5, 2020

Cannabis Banking Innovators: Getting Your Board on Board

We sit down with Katrina Skinner from Burns & Levinson to get her advice on building a business case for cannabis banking.

Guest From: Burns & Levinson
April 15, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: Insights, Challenges and the Value of Data

A discussion with CRB Monitor about common challenges, industry insights and the value of data throughout a cannabis banking program.

Guest From: CRB Monitor
April 1, 2020

Cannabis Banking Compliance & Examiner Expectations: What You Need to Know

A panel session with guests from FS Vector and Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) to discuss examiner expectations around cannabis banking.

Guests From: CSBS, FS Vector
March 18, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: Due Diligence, License Tiers, and COVID-19

A live Q&A session that addresses the recent economic and financial changes and how they are impacting, and fueling, cannabis banking.

February 13, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: Site Visits, Examiner Expectations and the SAFE Act

The second episode of our office-hour style webinar series in which attendees are encouraged to ask questions. Join in to hear what your peers are asking.

January 15, 2020

Cannabis Banking 101: Fundamentals

Learn about the foundations of an effective cannabis banking program and the process of building, launching, and monitoring your cannabis banking program.

November 15, 2019

The State of Cannabis Banking: 2019 in Review

There’s been quite a bit of activity around cannabis banking this year. What does the activity of 2019 tell us about what we’re expecting in 2020?

Guest From: Preti Flaherty
September 10, 2019

Cannabis Banking Part 3: How Do I Do It?

Develop adequate policy and procedure coverage, create a robust oversight program that withstands examiner scrutiny, and leverage data and automation.

August 7, 2019

Cannabis Banking Part 2: Should I Do It?

A well defined program is about more than just maintaining compliance. It's about measuring the financial opportunity and projecting the impact of banking.

July 18, 2019

Cannabis Banking Part 1: Can I Do It

Create a strategy to develop a successful program, build a business case to get stakeholder approval, and establish a framework for building the program.

Guests From: Gleam Law

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