Multiple options to make payments easier for your customers

Why accept electronic payments?

Increase average order size

Your customers spend 30% more on average when they can pay digitally or with their card.

Handle less cash

Lower risk & overhead by accepting digital payments instead of cash.

Trusted compliance

Compliant payments from Green Check, the leader in cannabis compliance, let you (and your bank) rest easy.

Integrates easily

Integrates seamlessly with your existing point-of-sale system.

Convenient for customers

Your customers can pay via card or mobile app instead of carrying cash.

Reward programs

Setup reward programs to let your loyal customers earn while they shop.

Already a Green Check user?

You're pre-qualified to start taking electronic payments today*

Your customers will love it

Digital payments can help improve your overall customer experience while increasing your revenue. It's a win-win.

Payments by Green Check has helped us to increase our average order size while making payment easier for us and our customers. We had previously used a sketchy third-party digital payment solution, but we couldn’t prove compliance in our sales. Green Check helped us solve this.

Ray Pantalena
Affinity Health & Wellness

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